Key Cities Conservation Club  
The purpose of this corporation is: To create a fraternal spirit among sportsmen and sportswomen, harmonize their interests, unify their action, and solidify them into an association working toward definite ends; specifically the propagation and conservation of game and fish and the equitable harvesting of the surplus, and to plan and carry out projects to create an abundance of wildlife, to hold events with an emphasis on education for adults and children in shooting, archery, angling, casting, conservation and such other activities as the board of directors may deem proper, obedience for the game and fish laws of this state and the United States.

Members visiting our site for the first time, please visit the "Memberships" page for details on how to login for the first time.


Please be aware that we are NOT a "gun club". We are a conservation club that happens to have a private gun range for the use of our members. We have no staff, thus we have no "range officer". Use of our range(s) is on a first come/first served basis, and agreed upon range rules (acknowledged upon obtaining membership) are to be enforced by ALL as a condition of membership (please see range rules below).

Membership Login Instructions:

Only members can login. First step is to click on the login button. You will then be prompted to enter your email address. Use the one that was provided when signing up. The password you are asked to enter can be anything you want for the first time login. Please remember this password. Once logged in, you can edit your profile, or to set up membership renewal payments (through PayPal), etc. by clicking on your name (shown above, next to the Change password and Log out button). 

KCCC Membership Info


Any person 18 years of age and over expressing an interest in the purposes of this Club and a willingness to abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, standard operating procedures and rules may become an active member by meeting with a membership committee member or a designee of the membership committee and paying the appropriate dues and membership fees of the Club.



Memberships are available one hour (6:00 PM to 7:00 PM) just prior to the regular club membership meetings which are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month which starts at 7:00 PM.  New memberships must be purchased in person (including spouses), and are available either prior to, or after the regular membership meetings (see above).  Renewals can be done on- line, but the membership card (that must be displayed on your person anytime while on club property) still must be signed and picked up at the time stated above.

Membership Types (See By Laws):

All memberships are family memberships and are for the husband/wife, their children under the age of 18, their grandchildren under the age of 18 and any children under the age of 18 that the adult members have legal custody over. 

Voting Memberships

Regular Member

Life Memberships


Non-Voting Memberships

Provisional Member

Sponsored Youth Membership

If both husband and wife plan to be on the club property, both must sign their own paperwork, no proxy signing and either the husband or the wife must attend one of the regular club meeting to purchase their membership.  So to be clear,  if both adults do not attend a meeting, the spouse that does not attend still has to submit signed paperwork and then will be issued a membership card.  This membership card must be worn whenever on the club property.  So this  paperwork has to be acquired prior to a meeting, signed by the spouse that does not attend the meeting and submitted by the attending spouse at the meeting.

Membership Fees
(effective As of January 1st, 2016)

$100 – New Regular Membership
$85 – Regular Renew
$50 – New Provisional Membership
$35 – Provisional Renew
$500 - Lifetime Membership 
*Annual key card charge still applies to these memberships.
$35 – Life Member Card Key
$5 – Sponsored Youth
$15 – Replacement Card Key
$5 – Spouse, Extra Card Key 

Memberships are on an annual basis.

NOTE: All membership payments must be done by check, credit card or money order.  Cash will NOT BE ACCEPTED!

Membership Documents

New members:
Please print these out and bring to the meeting completed. 
Renewal members do not need these.

2016-KCCC-Range-Rules revised 12-15-16.doc

2016-KCCC-Range-Rules revised 12-15-16.pdf

(NEW - 1 copy signed by both adults)

2016-KCCC-Waiver.pdf(1 Copy signed by both adults) 

Membership reference documents:

By-Laws  (See page 5 for explanation of membership types)

KCCC HANDBOOK 2014 1_1_14.pdf

Articles of Incorporation 

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